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Select from six study areas in English

There are approximately twenty Bachelor and Master degree programmes you can study at MU.

There are approximately twenty Bachelor and Master degree programmes you can study at six Masaryk University faculties in English. All you need to do is choose the right one for you. You can always count on a helpful approach of the student administrative staff, great public transport accessibility of all university buildings, and newly built or recently renovated premises with good quality background for both studies and between-class activities.

One of the best features of the Faculty of Medicine - directly linked with two big faculty hospitals - are its modern classrooms and laboratories located in a brand new campus or in a newly reconstructed historical building in the centre of Brno. Become a part of the greatest community of international students at Masaryk University; a wide offer of Czech language courses will help you learn to communicate with Czech patients.

There is a selection of three programmes: General Medicine - a six-year Master's programme leading to the Doctor of General Medicine degree (MUDr. in the Czech environment); The Master's programme of Dentistry lasts for five years and is crowned with the degree of Doctor of Dentistry (MDDr.). The final one is the Bachelor degree programme of Physiotherapy lasting three years.

Social Sciences
The most diverse offer of studies in English at MU is at the Faculty of Social Studies: you can direct your focus to international relations, political science, or sociology. All of them are two-year Master degree programmes, often on a Joint Degree basis so the instruction is organised in cooperation with another prestigious European university (or more universities).

The available political science programmes are Energy Security Studies, European Governance, a Joint Master Programme in International Relations: Europe from the Visegrad Perspective, and European Politics. In the area of sociology, you can study the programmes of Cultural Sociology, Sociology or an International Joint Master's Degree programme in Cultural Sociology.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is located in the very centre of Brno, in a recently renovated historical building, so its students are always right at the epicentre of events. The building offers a pleasant background for studying, including a spacious library and a nice café.

The Brno metropolis, home of the Faculty of Informatics, ranks among the places with the highest concentration of IT companies in the Czech Republic, or in Central Europe as a whole - among these are e.g. Red Hat, IBM or NetSuite, but also many others. One of these companies' motivations to settle here is the steady supply of good graduates.

The faculty, located just a few minutes walk from the city centre in a brand new campus, offers two two-year Master's degree programmes: Service Science, Management and Engineering in the field of applied informatics, combining modern knowledge of informatics with a broader multidisciplinary awareness, and a more theoretical programme of Embedded Systems - a comprehensive field of programmable structures which overlaps with parallel and distributed systems, computer networks, and cryptography.

Finance and Business Management - those are the two Master's degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Economics. The former prepares students for work in various positions in monetary systems, corporate finance and financial accounting. In the latter, students will focus on the study of corporate economics and management and will apply both a holistic and atomistic approach.

The faculty is based in the immediate vicinity of the students' halls of residence - the predominant temporary “home” of international students - and one of the university canteens. You can get to the city centre by public transport within just a few minutes.

The English language offer of MU's Faculty of Arts involves a two-year Master's programme of English language and literature. Students can select from two specialisations: one is more focused on linguistics, while the other's focus is more placed upon literature and cultural studies. This choice also predetermines the general scope of the student's final thesis.

The Faculty of Arts is located in the very heart of the city, in a recently reconstructed campus featuring a modern library and its own nice park.

MU's Faculty of Education provides an opportunity to study a three-year Bchelor's and a two-year follow-up Master's degree programmes of Teacher Training in English Language. The studies involve modules related to linguistics, methodology and (naturally) practical language. The graduates start their careers especially as primary school teachers, leisure-time instructors or preschool teachers. The faculty is based in reconstructed historical buildings near the city centre.

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