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Where to study for exams? Parks and libraries are popular options

The place where you study can have a strong impact on your exam results.

Exam season is here again, challenging students’ ability to remain sane at a time when they hardly ever leave their “dens”, spending weeks at a time poring over heaps of materials to study. Why not make all this more pleasant? Besides, the place where you study has an impact on the effectiveness of your efforts. The lawns are nice and dry, so why not take your textbooks outdoors? Which places are most popular among students?

The parks of Brno are popular spots for cramming. “I like to study outdoors, at Špilberk for example,” says Zuzana Gábiková, a student of the Faculty of Arts. “I’m a nature lover and I like the distant sounds of the bustling city. I usually sit by the southern bulwark or in the grass so that I can see Petrov. When I study outdoors, it takes less time than anywhere else.”

The park below Špilberk in fact offers a number of benches and spots that can be more or less seen by passers-by. If you find that disturbing, there are also a lot of nooks hidden away from the paths. The small, romantic and fenced-off garden close to the bulwark will sweeten your studying with the gentle murmur of the fountain and the smell of flowers all around you. If you start to get drowsy, you can refresh your energy in a nearby café. And once you have had enough of the greenery or it starts to get dark, you can simply walk down to the University Computer Centre, which is open around the clock. It attracts another type of students, the “night owls” who prefer to study at odd hours.

Michal Vlček, a student of the Faculty of Sports Studies, also prefers to study outside. “I like to study outdoors, where I can absorb all the energy and also calm and clear my mind. My favourite places are Lužánky and Tyršův sad,” says Michal.

The Lužánky park is a student oasis with a relaxed atmosphere. You can bring a blanket and make yourself comfortable with no funny looks from other visitors. Just be careful when choosing a place to lie down, as the park is also a popular place for walking dogs. However, the park can get rather lively in the spring, so don’t be surprised if a flying disc lands on your head. If you are the type who prefers to study indoors, this is a place where you can take breaks in between your study sessions. If it gets hot, you can cool down with a lemonade or a beer – to be got from a pub adjacent to the park – and then relax under the shade of trees.

Pavlína Vyletová, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, is one of those who prefer to study in libraries. “My favourite one is the Faculty of Science library at Kotlářská. It has a relaxed and calm atmosphere. You can make yourself comfortable on a couch with high arms and sip a mint tea that you’ve made yourself in the kitchenette. There’s also a glass-walled study room where you can scribble formulas on the whiteboard while solving maths problems.”

Zuzana is also a big fan of libraries. Her favourite library for studying is the one at the Faculty of Social Studies. As Zuzana describes her strategy, “For me, this is the epitome of studying. I pack food and drinks for the whole day and I just work with no computer or Facebook. It is much more efficient and I get extra motivation from all the other students.” It is true that this library has such varied spaces that it offers something for everyone. Do you like to study surrounded by other students, or do you prefer a less frequented place? This library offers you both.

The bean bags in the glass “coop” are a comfortable studying option that also offers a bit of privacy, just like the top floor gallery. But the best-kept secret of the library is the underground level with comfortable couches.