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Video: What’s it like to study at the Faculty of Medicine as an international student

Faculty of Medicine shot five promotional videos with students talking about their experience.

Med student Mike Fiedler from the United States.

When the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University launched the English version of its general medicine programme in 1996, there were scarcely ten students in the first year. After more than twenty years, around two hundred international students now enrol in the programme every year.

However, the management of the Faculty of Medicine would like to attract even more students.

are one of the tools that the faculty will use on the internet and social media and also at trade fairs abroad.

“It used to be difficult to attract foreigners to study in Brno. As recently as fifteen years ago, it wasn't uncommon that foreign applicants had never heard of Masaryk University. But now the medicine programme here in Brno has an excellent reputation and attracts students from all over the world,” says Helena Melicharová, head of the International Office at the Faculty of Medicine who goes on to list the advantages of the programme:

“It's no wonder, really, because we have a lot to offer to the world: a study programme in the heart of Europe, in a country with very low living costs and in a city that the New York Times ranks among the top student cities in the world. Most importantly, though, we can offer international students high-quality education, modern facilities in the biggest campus in Central Europe, and relatively low tuition fees compared to other countries.”

There are more than 700 students in the English programmes at the Faculty of Medicine. The majority come from other EU countries such as the UK, Germany, Norway, and Spain although there are also students from non-EU countries, such as Israel and Japan.

In June, the Faculty of Medicine shot five promotional videos with the following students talking about their experience at Masaryk University: Paul Peters from the UK (who was also interviewed by our magazine), Takashi Tsushiya from Japan, Elisabetta Muttoni from Italy, and Tessa Bell and Mike Fiedler from the US.

Paul Peters, UK

Takashi Tsushiya, Japan

Tessa Bell, USA

Elisabetta Muttoni, Italy

Mike Fiedler, USA