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Exam period extended through the summer. Autumn semester to start later

The exam period for spring semester 2020 is extended and exams will be held from May 18 to September 30. The faculties are also recommended to offer students the September dates of the final state exams.

The Rector's Board agreed on Wednesday, March 25 how the end of the spring semester will look like at Masaryk University. The announced cancellation of contact teaching from 23 March until 15 May 2020 still applies, during this time the individual courses cannot be concluded in person. Students should look for information directly from their faculty and professors regarding exams.

The exam period will be held from May 18 to September 30, 2020, and the dates will be offered throughout the period, including during the summer months, so that students have enough opportunities to take the exams. As a result, the autumn semester will start on October 5, 2020 and will last until January 17, 2021 (see the approved Academic Year Schedule 2020/21).

Individual faculties will now identify courses that cannot be taught in the distance mode at the time of emergency at MU. For these courses, an extraordinary “S” evaluation will be implemented in the MU Information System, which means that students who have enrolled in such a course in the spring semester 2020 will be considered as having successfully completed it (including the appropriate number of credits). The evaluation does not count towards the grade average and will be specifically described in the Diploma Supplement.

The deadlines for submitting the final theses will be set at the individual faculties so that students will have two opportunities to complete their studies. For those prepared in to complete their studies in the spring semester 2020, they may do so. Additionally, the faculties are recommended to announce additional dates in September for the final state examinations and students can choose which date fits them better. Exceptions for certain faculties may apply, and students should look for information directly from their faculty.

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