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New rules adjust the end of the spring semester at MUNI

Two new decisions of Rector Martin Bareš adjust the functioning of Masaryk University regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Following a new regulation from the Ministry of Health (in Czech only), the Rector Martin Bareš issued a new measure with effect from 20 April to 15 May 2020. This emergency measure confirms the cancellation of contact teaching until 15 May and the uninterrupted continuation of the distance teaching.

An exception are full-degree students in their final year of study who need to come to school in person for consultations and to work on their final thesis. However, they must meet the conditions laid down by the measure of the Ministry of Health, including a written declaration of the absence of symptoms of viral infectious disease in the last two weeks.

Following the prolonging of the state of emergency, the Rector also issued a decision setting new rules for studies for the spring semester. Whenever possible, teachers should continue teaching in distance mode. If the characteristics of the subject do not allow teaching in distance mode, the programme guarantor, in agreement with the teacher, will decide on the compensation in the form of block classes announced for the period from 16 May.

For courses that can no longer be taught at all, students will be given an exceptional “S” evaluation, which means that students who have enrolled in such a course in the spring semester 2020 will be considered as having successfully completed it (including the appropriate number of credits). The evaluation does not count towards the grade average and will be specifically described in the Diploma Supplement.

Regarding the exam period, it is essential that all forms of course completion (graded credit, colloquium or exam) can be realized in distance mode. Deans may further decide that the state examination (bachelor, master, or doctoral) or the defence of the dissertation can also be carried out in distance mode.

See the details in relevant documents:

Decision of the rector of Masaryk University no. 4/2020, Special study rules in the spring semester 2020

Decision of the rector of Masaryk University no. 5/2020, Emergency measures in response to the risk of covid-19 infection

Regulation from the Ministry of Health (in Czech only)

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