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Rector Bareš: Prediction for further development at MUNI after 15 May

Rector Martin Bareš comments on the measures currently taken and on the further expected course of the semester at Masaryk University.

The topic of changes of current measures related to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 has become a subject of political debate in the Czech Republic. Masaryk University does not participate in this political debate in principle. Further steps leading to changes in current internal measures will be based exclusively on relevant epidemiological data, current information from Czech and foreign epidemiological and virological authorities and proven principles of good practice.

The Masaryk University Crisis Board recommends that face-to-face exams or other face-to-face forms of teaching is held for the entire Spring Semester only in cases of absolute necessity. Even in cases, where legal regulations allow for a face-to-face examination or teaching, the distance form for the entire Spring Semester, including the examination period, is highly recommended.

The lack of empirical information on the infection makes it difficult to predict any further development of the epidemiological situation in the horizon bigger than a few days. However, in order to adequately ensure teaching and examinations, it is necessary to establish measures weeks and months in advance. Their application must be predictable, non-discriminatory to teachers and students and, with a minimum impact on the overall quality of teaching and requirements of studies.

Therefore, determining factors for establishing exam formats and other study requirements should primarily be predictability and certainty for our students and teachers, content quality of the studies and health protection of students and teachers. The aspect of student physical presence at classes and examinations at all costs is not dominant in this highly unpredictable situation.

Moreover, examples of good practice from top foreign universities show that teaching and examinations can be implemented in distance form in this exceptional situation without significant losses of quality.

Together, we´ll manage!