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MU orders working from home and is preparing a vaccination system for employees

The MU Emergency Committee has tightened restrictions at MU in response to the current epidemic situation and government measures.

The university has also tightened rules ordering employees to work from home. Working from home will now be mandatory for some time. Employees who cannot work from home and must commute to work across district boundaries should print out a travel-for-work certificate prepared in INET.

The Crisis Board and the Crisis Committee are preparing a vaccination system for MU employees, especially the lecturers. Further steps will be announced. Based on experience and available sources, the Committee and the Board recommend everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

A new methodology guideline has been issued by the Office for Studies of the MU Rector’s Office to stipulate conditions for making recordings of online classes and examinations, where lecturers may for example ban the use of earphones during examination. In the event of a technical problem where a student cannot be given an overall grade, the lecturer should excuse the student from the examination date and register the student for a new date.

Accommodation in dormitories is available only to students who meet the conditions under the relevant government regulation. This includes students who are allowed to attend in-person classes or lack another place of residence in the Czech Republic. Foreign nationals who meet the conditions for an exception under the government regulation can also be accommodated.

For current information on the situation, go to . Further details will also be announced by the individual faculties.