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MU Rector awarded successful scientists, educators, students and volunteers

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly influenced the selection of people awarded on the occasion of Dies Academicus – the academic day celebration.   

Rector Martin Bareš on the occasion of Dies Academicus.

On Thursday, 10 June, the Rector of Masaryk University Martin Bareš handed out awards for outstanding achievements in science and research, education, art and civic pursuits. MU volunteers and employees who helped during the Covid-19 pandemic were strongly represented among the awardees.

Rector’s Award for Outstanding Creative Activity

Dalibor Blažek.

Dalibor Blažek, CEITEC
Dalibor Blažek leads a research group for hereditary disorders and transcriptional regulation at MU’s Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC). The team focuses on the functions of cyclin-dependent kinases in cell growth and division.

Rector’s Award for Outstanding Artistic Activity

Petr Kamenický, Faculty of Education
Petr Kamenický is a founder and curator of several galleries at Masaryk University. Each year, he participates in the preparation of a number of exhibitions, whereby he contributes to developing arts at MU and helps cultivate the university environment.

Rector’s Award for Extraordinary International Grant Competition Results

David Kosař.

David Kosař, Faculty of Law
David Kosař’s long-term research deals with the role of courts and judges in the European context. He is the principal investigator of the ERC Consolidator project INFINITY, which deals with the role of informal relations between judges and political actors within the judiciary and their positive or negative impact on the judicial system in a given country.

Rector’s Award for Outstanding Research Results Achieved by Young Scientists under 35

Martina Kosinová, Faculty of Medicine
Martina Kosinová is a young and talented assistant professor of anaesthesiology, intensive medicine and pain management. Her specialisation in the anaesthesiology of vulnerable groups such as children, parturient women and other high-risk patients with other illnesses, makes her an important figure in her field.

Alena Macková, Faculty of Social Studies
Alena Macková has graduated from Political Science and Sociology at the Faculty of Social Studies MU. She regularly achieves exceptional research results, has extensive experience with working in research teams, many of which she has led herself, which makes her a prominent leader and mentor among her colleagues.

Dominika Tóthová, Faculty of Economics and Administration
Dominika Tóthová graduated from Economic Policy and Administration. She is a successful young researcher focusing on topics such as the environment and air quality and municipal waste and recycling management.

Rector’s Award for Long-term Excellence in Research

Irena Rektorová.

Irena Rektorová, CEITEC
Irena Rektorová is an outstanding scientist with a long-standing interest in neurodegenerative diseases especially Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. In cooperation with partners at foreign institutions, she has built a school of cognitive-behavioural neurology.

Šárka Portešová.

Šárka Portešová, Faculty of Social Studies
Šárka Portešová is a leading expert in research involving gifted children. Her own research deals with the development and validation of procedures for the identification of gifted children, further development of their talents and systemic tools for working with gifted children at the regional or national policy level.

Osvald Vašíček.

Osvald Vašíček, Faculty of Economics and Administration
Osvald Vašíček is a world-renowned expert in applied macroeconomics specialising in the field of macroeconomic analysis and practical real economy modelling. His research activities contribute to the development of the Czech National Bank’s core models used for macroeconomic forecasts.

Rector’s Award for Outstanding Teachers

Petr Liška, Faculty of Science
Petr Liška focuses on mathematical analysis. In addition to mathematical analysis, he teaches subjects such as information technology in secondary-school mathematics and analytical geometry. What students appreciate most about his lectures is his empathy, flexibility and human-centred approach.

Irena Hůlková, Faculty of Education
Irena Hůlková is a scholar of the English language who specialises in phonology and phonetics and teaches these subjects at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University. Students praise her friendly approach, as well as her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching.

Jan Böhm, Faculty of Economics and Administration
Jan Böhm’s teaching interests include statistics, data mining, discrete deterministic models and financial models simulation. At MU, he works at the Department of Applied Mathematics and the Biostatistics and Data Analysis unit at RECETOX. What students appreciate about Jan Böhm’s teaching style is the clarity with which he can elucidate complex topics.

Rector’s Award for innovations in teaching

Marek Joukal, Lenka Vargová, Kateřina Vymazalová and Lucie Kubíčková, Faculty of Medicine
A team of teachers from the Department of Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine MU which teaches anatomy, a subject that constitutes one of the pillars of medical education and the successful completion of which is essential for further study in all medical disciplines.

Petr Štourač, Lydie Izakovičová Hollá and Jitka Blažková, Simulation Centre of the Faculty of Medicine
The Simulation Centre of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University is the most advanced workplace of its kind in Central Europe. It is built as an actual hospital with facilities enabling the use of modern teaching methods and it is equipped with medical technology and especially simulators and teaching models for training real-life situations.

Rector’s Award for the Best Students in Master’s Programmes

Gajane Achverdjanová, Faculty of Arts
Gajane Achverdjanová specialises in the study of the art of late antiquity. She received a GAMU grant for her Master’s thesis, where she focused on the topic of early medieval combs and the recovery of their original context.

Ján Jančár, Faculty of Informatics
Ján Jančár is a successful graduate who has already contributed significantly to the development of basic research in the field of elliptic-curve cryptography with two academic papers published during his Master’s studies.

Rector’s Award for the Best Students in Doctoral Programmes

Katarína Bernátová, Faculty of Science
Katarína Bernátová is an excellent student and a talented researcher who has focused her research on two areas: magnetron sputtering deposition and characterisation of prepared thin films, as well as diagnostics of the deposition process itself.

Michaela Prišťáková, Faculty of Arts
Michaela Prišťáková is a talented young scientist who has gained international experience already during her doctoral research, for example while working in the research team of the European Archaeological Centre at Bibracte, Glux en Glenne.

Abanoub Riad, Faculty of Medicine
Abanoub Riad is an outstanding doctoral student with significant promise for further research activities based on international collaboration with a team of clinical colleagues from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He has drawn attention to a previously overlooked manifestation of Covid-19 symptoms in the oral cavity.

Rector’s Award for an Outstanding Doctoral Thesis

Cosimo Lobello, Faculty of Science
Last year, Cosimo Lobello successfully defended his dissertation on ‘The Prognostic Value of the Mutational Landscape in Systemic Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma’, where he dealt with the mutational spectrum of this rare condition.

Matúš Nemec, Faculty of Informatics
Matúš Nemec is an outstanding graduate and a promising young scientist whose dissertation thesis titled ‘Challenging RSA Cryptosystem Implementations’, which was co-supervised by Università Ca‘ Foscari in Venice, deals with the vulnerabilities in electronic security systems.

Jaroslav Stanovský, Faculty of Arts
Jaroslav Stanovský successfully defended his dissertation titled ‘La fonction esthétique et l’image de l’histoire – les guerres de Vendée et de Bretagne dans la littérature du XIXe siècle’, which was co-supervised by Professor Mireille Labouret of University Paris Est Créteil and Professor Petr Kyloušek of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University.

Rector’s Award for the Active Development of Civil Society

Hana Válková, Faculty of Sports Studies
Hana Válková is one of the founders of Emil Open – the European Youth Games for the Disabled, which bring together young people from many different countries and serve as an important athletic and social event.

Rector’s Award for Volunteering

Natália Antalová, Dominika Čekanová, Matyáš Fejfar, Martin Janků, Senad Kolář, Boris Lindtner, Veronika Koňaříková, Zuzana Mikulenková, Barbora Nebenführová, Kristína Pečíková and Adam Wechsler – Faculty of Medicine.
In the spring of 2020, the students of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University were actively involved in the organisation of volunteer activities at the faculty in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eliška Buršová, Kristýna Fialová, Tereza Kompauerová, Adéla Kubíčková, Alena Smetanová and Lucie Zikmundová – Faculty of Social Studies
The group of students from the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University volunteered for work in a new contact centre for homeless people, which was established in Brno on Vlhká Street at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Michal Radvan, Hana Čejková, Lucie Mrázková and Marek Brada – Faculty of Law
During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting emergency, a group of experts from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University became involved in helping the general public as the initiators, creators and coordinators of the MU Faculty of Law Student Legal Counselling Centre.