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Students and employees show strong interest in vaccination offered at MU

Dozens of students and employees of MU took the opportunity to get vaccinated against Covid-19 on university premises in November. 

Lada Štěpánková, a student of the Faculty of Sports Studies.

The interest was so high that there were queues in the hallways at the vaccination sites at Komenského náměstí and on the university campus.

However, health workers managed to deal with the high demand for vaccines against Covid-19 very well. Those arriving first registered in a large room and then proceeded to the next room, where nurses administered either the single-dose Janssen vaccine or the two-dose BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. The vaccinated people then returned to the first room to sit down and wait for another 15 to 20 minutes.

Students and staff welcomed the possibility to get vaccinated on campus. Lada Štěpánková, a student of the Faculty of Sports Studies, was one of those who came for the first dose of the vaccine. “The situation is such that I think vaccination is inevitable and desirable, the circumstances of the pandemic make that clear,” said the student of the Master’s degree programme in Sports Management.

She, too, was surprised by the high interest in the jab. “I thought there would be fewer people here. I wasn’t expecting so many here right from the start and it would be great if it stayed like this until 7 p.m. when the site closes for today,” said Štěpánková.

However, she was concerned that the rising infection numbers could mean classes would be moved online again. “Online classes were quite sophisticated this year, really good. However, some courses require more practical classes, so this would be limiting for us,” she explained.

Miloš Vraspír from the Technical and Operational Office of the Faculty of Education arrived to get his third dose of the Pfizer vaccine. “At my age, I believe it is necessary to get the booster jab. I was happy with the previous two doses of the vaccine. I suffered no side effects, so I am fully satisfied,” he said.

Mr Vraspír, too, likes the idea of vaccinating students and staff directly on university premises. “For the first two doses, I went to the vaccination centre at the SurGal clinic, which was also a totally professional establishment,” he added.

On the first Tuesday in November, vaccinations were administered at the Komenského náměstí site from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and a total of 160 people received the vaccine. The next vaccination day on MU premises took place on Wednesday 10 November in rooms B22/302 and B22/303, where 154 people came to get the jab. According to Barbora Šolcová, head of the Personnel Division of the Rector’s Office, 71 percent of MU employees are now vaccinated.

The vaccination campaign will continue in the following weeks, with the next vaccination dates scheduled for Tuesday 23 November at Komenského náměstí, rooms 204 and 205, and Wednesday 1 December at the Faculty of Law, rooms 040 and 041. The vaccines will be administered from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. and students and employees do not have to register for any particular time slot.