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Video: Russian historian Andrey Zubov comments on situation in Ukraine

Andrey Borisovich Zubov, a Russian historian, religion scholar and political scientist, commented on the current situation in Ukraine. His comment was the first topic of the Masaryk Days 2022. 

Andrej Borisovič Zubov.

“Our nation, our people were sent to war against another Slavic nation that is as close to the Russians as the Slovaks are to the Czechs. Many years after this tragedy, we will still feel ashamed of these events. I know that the Czech Republic and Masaryk University are doing very much to help Ukraine in its struggle. I hope that this struggle will end in the days to come and that this terrible and aggressive Putin’s regime will also be over in the nearest future,” said Zubov, who also serves as vice-chairman of the Russian non-parliamentary opposition People’s Freedom Party (PARNAS). He is also a holder of Masaryk University honorary doctorat.

“It is necessary to start thinking about future Europe, which ought to be united. Russia is now in the same situation as Germany during the Second World War. We, by our acts of aggression, have committed many crimes in the sense of international law and the laws of war,” added Professor Zubov.

He also outlined two possible post-war scenarios. “One is to continue Russia’s confrontation with Europe and Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. Perhaps by more peaceful means, but this is an absolutely wrong way to go. The other way is to re-establish unity, just as unity was re-established after the Second World War between Germany and Italy on the one side and Great Britain, France and Belgium on the other side. This other way of reconciliation and unity between Russia and Europe is only possible in cooperation with other people than those who are currently in Putin’s circle. It ought to be a way of true democracy and civil freedoms and very close collaboration with Europe and NATO,” Zubov said in the conclusion of his address.


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