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MU received over 800 applications from Ukrainian students

The end of May also marked the deadline for submitting applications for the exceptional admission procedure opened for Ukrainian students. Masaryk University received a total of 816 applications.

The highest number of applications submitted by Ukrainian students was received by the MU Faculty of Economics and Administration.

Masaryk University announced a special admission procedure for Ukrainian citizens with the “refugee” status in accordance with Act No 67/2022, a special law enabling the provision of aid to Ukrainians in the Czech Republic. The parameters and conditions for the special admission procedure were approved by the academic senates of the university’s individual faculties. “According to these conditions, the admission commissions will select applicants – typically on the basis of their entrance exam scores, interviews or the essays submitted – and offer them the opportunity to enrol in the respective study programmes. According to the aforementioned legislation, the applicants can substitute missing documents such as a high school diploma or records concerning their previous studies with an affidavit where necessary,” explained Michal Bulant, MU Vice-Rector for Studies and Quality.

In this special admission procedure, students are admitted even above the usual capacity limits that apply in the normal admission procedure. “Therefore, this special admission procedure will not reduce the number of students admitted through standard channels,” emphasised Mr Bulant. “In this context, Masaryk University expects an increase in the number of students by a maximum of one to two per cent, which is entirely within the means of its standard budget. Additional funding intended primarily for intensive Czech language courses for Ukrainian students will be obtained from government and EU grants,” he added.

The highest number of applications was received by the Faculty of Economics and Administration, where 194 Ukrainian students wish to study. It was followed by the Faculty of Informatics (153), Faculty of Arts (120), Faculty of Social Studies (112), Faculty of Medicine (75), Faculty of Education (48), Faculty of Law (43), Faculty of Science (35), Faculty of Sports Studies (25) and the Faculty of Pharmacy (11).

In total, MU received 816 applications, but the total number of applicants is actually lower because some Ukrainian students submitted multiple applications to different MU faculties, as the admission procedure rules allow.