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Faculty of Pharmacy celebrates 70th anniversary

Masaryk University’s Faculty of Pharmacy celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation next week. On 14 October the faculty will commemorate the anniversary with a full day of educational and cultural events.

The Faculty of Pharmacy

Throughout the day the faculty will offer a series of educational panels in a variety of fields of pharmaceutical studies, topping the day with a gala evening at the Vinařská dormitory complex.

“Visitors should definitely not miss the unique opportunity to visit the premises of the faculty. They will learn about the most recent trends in various fields of pharmacy, and they may even meet former classmates. Indeed, it is an opportunity for a reunion for our alumni,” says event organiser Hana Brožová from the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The morning part of the programme will be purely professional. Starting at 9:00 in the morning in the Královo Pole campus a scientific symposium will take place focused on the issue of development of the field of pharmacy and healthcare, including individual and related fields, health and sickness in historical context, as well as their place in present-day society.

Included in the programme is the “Medicinal Plant Day” which will introduce new trends in the use of natural substances in therapy, as well as the most recent development in the field and research at research institutions in the Czech Republic.

Visitors can also look forward to “Pharmacy Technology Day” where a series of lectures will focus on interesting topics in pharmaceutical technologies and cosmetology. Attendees can learn about digital pharmaceuticals or current trends regarding skin care products. The lectures will be given by experts from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Masaryk University and Charles University.

Topping the celebrations is a social evening event at the Vinařská dormitory complex, with musical guest CCA GANG.

The entire programme of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the faculty can be found on the special website. Timely registration for the event is recommended via the online form.