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Faculty of Medicine alumni met after 50 years

Fifty years after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University its alumni met in the building at Komenského náměstí. Speaking at the special ceremony, Masaryk University Rector Martin Bareš acknowledged their contribution to the university and society in general.

One of the alumni Ivan Atanas Belkov

The event was hosted by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Jana Fialová; welcoming all participants and introduced the alumni one by one. Masaryk University Rector Martin Bareš then thanked the alumni for their lifetime achievements. “I would like to thank all of you. During the many years of practising medicine you have helped and served patients, day or night, putting your heart into it,” Bareš told the attending alumni.

MU Rector Martin Bareš

The event was held to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of graduation. “It would be terrific if this was not a random event; I would be happy if we could have more of these in our academic activities in the future,” Bareš added.

Commemorative certificates were presented by Vice-Rector for Student and Alumni Affairs Simona Koryčánková. Ivan Atanas Belkov was among them. “I would like to thank Masaryk University, including Rector Bareš and everyone who has made this amazing event possible. We are all excited. Some of the things the university and its faculty of medicine offer today would be unimaginable when we were students,” said Belkov who, in addition to practising medicine, devotes his time to community activities of minorities.

The alumni received commemorative certificates from Vice-Rector Simona Koryčánková.

At the end of the ceremony Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Jana Fialová relayed a message from the Association of the Students of Medicine. “Our current students highly appreciate your work. They would love to meet any of you so that you can pass valuable insight to them,” Fialová added.