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Snow at Masaryk University

A few days before Christmas, the first snow of the year covered the buildings of Masaryk University. Look at how the faculties and other university departments look under the snowcap.

For at least a few winter days, the buildings of Masaryk University faculties and institutes were all the same colour: white. Snow covered university buildings in the city centre and on the University Campus in Bohunice, and in some places students and staff have even built snowmen.

The Faculty of Social Studies
The Faculty of Arts
Students built a snowman in the courtyard of the Faculty of Arts
MU building at Komenského náměstí
The Rector's Office
The Faculty of Economics and Administration
The Faculty of Science
The Faculty of Informatics
The Faculty of Pharmacy
The University Campus in Bohunice
The Faculty of Sports Studies
The Simulation Centre at the Faculty of Medicine
One of the buildings in the University Campus in Bohunice