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Students will use tablets to take their LPTs this year

This year’s applicants for studies at Masaryk University will encounter a few changes in the admission procedure. The “Learning Potential Test” (LPT, abbreviated TSP in Czech) required by most faculties will still be taken by applicants in person, but they will write it using tablet computers.

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*This article only concerns applicants for Czech-language study programmes at MU*

The LPT, an essential part of the admission procedure required by most Masaryk University faculties, will undergo several innovations in 2023. In the past, students used to take their Learning Potential Test in person on a Saturday or Sunday in Brno and several other towns across Czechia and Slovakia. From January to April this year, however, applicants can choose from almost 40 individual dates when they can take the TSP in Brno. Several dates will also be available for another seven cities in the Czech Republic and three more in Slovakia. Applicants will find the specific time and place of the test on their electronic application page at least three days in advance.

The Learning Potential Test will newly be taken in electronic form. Prospective students will receive a tablet and a sheet of paper from MU staff on site, but the paper will only be used for notes and auxiliary calculations. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones or wear smartwatches during the test.

This year’s LPT will now be divided into three sections – numerical and analytical thinking, critical thinking and reasoning in English. In other words, this will no longer be a single test with a single time limit: each part of the test will have its own time limit and will be evaluated independently.

“We are trying to adapt the LPT to the needs of the time and we consider all three sections to be crucial for our future graduates’ success. The numerical and analytical section examines, for example, the applicants’ logical reasoning, while the second section is designed to demonstrate the ability to critically assess and evaluate the information presented to them. The objective of the final part is to test the basic ability to understand and comprehend an English text since English communication skills are absolutely essential in the contemporary world,” adds Vice-Rector for Studies and Quality Michal Bulant. People who apply for multiple programmes will only have to take the LPT once.