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The only candidate for MU Rector is Martin Bareš

The Academic Senate of Masaryk University will elect a new MU Rector on Monday 3 April. The only candidate for the post is the current rector Martin Bareš.

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Nominations of candidates for the post of MU Rector could have been submitted until noon on Monday 27 February. The only candidate who submitted his application by this deadline was Martin Bareš, the current Rector, whose four-year term of office ends on 31 August.

“We have just one candidate – Mr Martin Bareš, the current Rector of Masaryk University. In addition to the mandatory supplements to the application form, he has also submitted endorsements by the deans of all MU faculties, so his nomination for this election is quite strong. The candidate for Rector will hold a public debate on Thursday 23 March at 15:30 in the Scala University Cinema, which will be streamed online. All members of the academic community are welcome to attend the debate. From Monday 13 March, we will also open a discussion thread in the MU Information System where anyone can post a question,” said the chairman of the five-member election committee, Ivan Foletti from the MU Faculty of Arts.

The election of the new Rector of Masaryk University will take place on Monday 3 April in Karel Engliš Auditorium in the building of the MU Faculty of Law. The new Rector will be elected in a secret ballot by the MU Academic Senate, which has a total of 55 members, of whom 22 are students. The Academic Senate has a quorum to vote on the candidate for the office of MU Rector if an absolute majority of all its members are present. A candidate is elected if an absolute majority of all MU Academic Senate members vote in favour.

Subsequently, the Minister of Education proposes the elected candidate for appointment by the President of the Czech Republic. The new Rector’s four-year term of office starts on 1 September 2023 and ends on 31 August 2027. Find more information on the election of MU Rector here.