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Jiří Barnat elected Dean of Faculty of Informatics

Jiří Barnat will become the Dean of the MU Faculty of Informatics for the 2023–2027 term of office after his official appointment by the Rector of Masaryk University. He was elected in a secret ballot by the Faculty’s Academic Senate. Jiří Barnat will take over from the current Dean, Jiří Zlatuška, in September.

Jiří Barnat was elected Dean of the Faculty of Informatics.

On 20 April, the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Informatics had only one item on its agenda – the election of a new Dean.

In the third round of voting by secret ballot, the Academic Senate elected Jiří Barnat, who beat his opponent Václav Matyáš by eight votes. He needed an absolute majority of votes and, in the end, 10 senators out of 12 voted for Barnat. In the second round of the election, the chances of both candidates were very even, with both receiving six votes.

Jiří Barnat.

Jiří Barnat is the current Vice-Dean for Curricula at the Faculty of Informatics and as Dean, he plans to focus especially on the sustainability of the teaching system, improving communication in the academic community and increasing the financial remuneration of doctoral students.

Václav Matyáš.

Václav Matyáš, Vice-Dean for Alumni Relations and Lifelong Learning at the Faculty of Informatics, was the other candidate for the position. In his programme manifesto, he mentioned improving communication with the academic community at the Faculty, supporting laboratories and reviewing the academic courses.

Jiří Barnat will assume office on 1 September 2023, following his appointment by Rector Martin Bareš. He will replace outgoing Dean Jiří Zlatuška, who has held the office for eight years.