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Two new MU Vice-Rectors will be women

From the new academic year 2023/2024, the management of Masaryk University will consist of seven Vice-Rectors, almost half of whom will be women.

On 1 May, Jana Fialová, who previously served as Vice-Dean for Student Affairs at the MU Faculty of Medicine, will become Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and External Relations. Monika Jandová, the current Vice-Dean for Internationalisation at the MU Faculty of Economics and Administration, is to become Vice-Rector for Personnel Policy, Lifelong Learning and Sustainability from 1 September. The plan by Rector Martin Bareš to appoint new Vice-Rectors still needs to be discussed by the MU Academic Senate. Břetislav Dančák, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation; Radim Polčák, Vice-Rector for Development, Legal and Information Technologies; Michal Bulant, Vice-Rector for Studies and Quality; Šárka Pospíšilová, Vice-Rector for Research and Doctoral Studies; and Jiří Hanuš, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, are to continue in their current positions. Martin Kvizda, Vice-Rector for Lifelong Learning, will remain in MU management until the end of August.

“I have long held the opinion that women should be better represented in Masaryk University’s governing bodies. I am trying to apply this principle for example in the Masaryk University Board of Trustees, and I am sure that the Academic Senate will back my initiative. I have high expectations from the new Vice-Rectors in several areas. We promoted sustainability to a vice-rectorial portfolio, which demonstrates the importance of this topic for our university. I also have the utmost confidence in the experience of Vice-Dean Fialová, who comes to our team from the most successful MU faculty in terms of the number of applications received from prospective students,” said Rector Martin Bareš. The Rector himself is to have a new deputy from 1 September: Vice-Rector Radim Polčák, who will replace Břetislav Dančák in this role.

Jana Fialová is the Vice Dean for Student Affairs at the MU Faculty of Medicine.

“I enjoy working and engaging with students, both as a teacher and in the wider social life of the Faculty and University, including as part of various associations. I will capitalise on my many years of experience with this special portfolio. I would like to foster the atmosphere and internal communication that we have managed to build at the Faculty of Medicine with the help of the current Rector and former Dean Martin Bareš – and which we have further developed under the current Dean Martin Repko – and bring it to the whole University,” said Jana Fialová. She has worked at MU since 2008 and specialises in the prevention of both non-infectious and infectious diseases, health education and healthy lifestyles. Jana Fialová is also an expert in occupational hygiene and public health protection. Since 2012, she has been an assistant professor at the Department of Public Health of the MU Faculty of Medicine and, since 2018, served as the same Faculty’s Vice-Dean for Student Affairs. 

Monika Jandová is Vice-Dean for Internationalisation at the Faculty of Economics and Administration of MU.

Monika Jandová graduated from the MU Faculty of Economics and Administration in 2003 with a degree in Business Economy; she completed her PhD in Economic Policy at the same Faculty in 2011. She has remained at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, where she has served as its Vice Dean for Internationalisation since 2020. “I am most interested in the topic of sustainability because I see it as a broad and interesting category with many individual pillars. It’s not just about the environment; there is a social dimension to sustainability, for example in the context of lifelong learning and economic sustainability, which includes rationalisation and greater efficiency in the use of public funds. I am mainly looking for experience and inspiration in these areas abroad, it is the most natural path for me as the current Vice-Dean for Internationalisation,” said Monika Jandová about her her new position. Monika Jandová is an expert in transport economics, with a particular focus on competition and its consequences in the rail transport segment. As manager of international activities at the Institute for Transport Economics, Geography and Policy, she communicates with foreign partners, prepares international research collaborations and assists in the organisation of international events, projects and grants. She is also an assistant professor at the Department of Economics of the MU Faculty of Economics and Administration.