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New buildings of the Faculty of Arts welcomed first students

Moving-in has already started and it will finish at the beginning of the next academic year.

Newly reconstructed buildings A and B1 (left) and a newly built building B2.

This week, students of the Faculty of Arts begin to use newly reconstructed buildings A and B1 and a newly built building B2 of the faculty located on the Arna Nováka street in Brno. Moving-in has already started and it will finish at the beginning of the next academic year, when the whole CARLA (Center for the Advancement of Research in the Liberal Arts) will be inaugurated.

During spring semester, classes will take place in the new premises as a part of a pilot mode; the new buildings and their equipment will be used to their full potential from the fall of this year. “It is due to delays of some construction works and consequently also delays in some equipment deliveries," explains the faculty bursar Ivo Jurtík.

The reconstruction and construction of the buildings started in September 2013 and the institution received a grant of 571 million Czech crowns from European Structural Funds as well as from the state. Multimedia lecture rooms equipped by modern furniture and audiovisual and computer technologies will offer pleasant environment for students of most subjects that the faculty offers. It was emphasized that the new buildings should serve to improve the quality of doctoral studies.

After the reconstruction of some parts of buildings A and B1 and the construction of a part of B2 (after the original building had to be torn down due to poor condition), construction work will take place in the coming years in buildings C and D which constitute the entrance part of the compound.