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Major building work planned for Faculty of Arts

This summer the Faculty will move departments in its C and D buildings to temporary offices.

A second phase will include a facelift for the Faculty entrance from Arne Novák Street and a comprehensive rebuild for D building.

Major building work is due to begin at the main campus of Masaryk University’s Faculty of Arts on Arne Novák Street, near Brno’s city centre. Faculty management is about to implement a plan for the relocation of the many departments which will be affected by the work.

In the coming months C and D buildings will change dramatically. In a few weeks’ time, Faculty staff who work in these buildings, which include the Dean’s Office and the Study Department, will start to move to temporary offices at the University of Technology at 53 Údolní Street and the Faculty of Arts campus at 13 Jošt Street. "Non-academic departments will move to 13 Gorky Street. All these places are not far from the offices’ original locations, so the change shouldn’t affect students and staff dramatically," said Ivo Jurtík, the Faculty’s Bursar. 

During the second phase of the work, the main Faculty entrance on Arne Novák Street and D building will be comprehensively rebuilt. D building will be partially demolished and six storeys of auditoria newly built. The inner disposition of other parts of the building, including staircases, will be changed, and a new technology network, new windows and better insulation will be installed.

"The building contractor is yet to specify where the entrance to the Faculty campus on Arne Novák Street will be while the work is in progress,” said Jurtík. “For most of this time, however, we expect it to be between building A and the building site, with entry possible from Arne Novák Street and Gorky Street."

The project will continue with renovation of the Faculty’s C building. Its structural stability will be improved and floors, wiring, central heating and the water and drainage system replaced. The project also includes a few minor repairs to the Faculty’s F building.

Tuition will begin in the new buildings in autumn 2018. The building work will cost 428 million Czech crowns in total (comprising 408 million from the state budget of the Czech Republic and 20 million from the financial resources of Masaryk University).