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All information received in time

You will get all the information you need well in advance before getting on the plane.

It needs courage to leave your hometown for an unknown place – but as soon as you decide for Masaryk University and Brno, there is nothing to worry about. Our service for international students is highly sophisticated.

You will get all the information you need well in advance before getting on the plane (or another means of transport). Study administrators of your faculties as well as the Centre for International Cooperation will be sending you a whole range of instructions. You might find yourself under the impression that it will be difficult to find your bearings in potential visa requirements, in the MU information system or in a map of Brno so as to find your way to the halls of residence; however, all you need to do is look through the information you will receive. And not to be afraid to ask!

“The period preceding their arrival is crucial for the students – and naturally for us, too. Besides other things, we bring their attention to the necessity of validating their diplomas, and send them information related to their study programme and courses registration. Prior to the actual arrival we also remind them of the accommodation options and let them know about the orientation week which takes place immediately before the start of the semester,” says Jolana Navrátilová who is in charge of international students at the Faculty of Social Studies. The faculty – as well as all of the others – have all the necessary information and links available on their websites, and students can of course directly contact the staff if they have any further questions.

Trying out things on a computer may not be sufficient for someone, though. Those who are not confident that they will manage to familiarise themselves with the new city or need help with arranging their documents etc., can get in touch with tutors from the International Student Club. The ISC contact is sent out to every international student prior to his or her arrival, so they can decide for themselves whether one of the students (ISC members) speaking the local language will be awaiting them e.g. in a train station, ready to help them.

“The orientation week is extremely important for international students. During the week they will not only receive information about the university and their home faculty, but will also have the opportunity to go through the MU Information System, get a crash course in the Czech language, and can enjoy a rich social programme while getting acquainted with Brno at the same time," Jolana Navrátilová says.

However, the assistance of MU does not end with the orientation week or the trips around Brno with ISC tutors. Whenever international students have any difficulties or concerns, they can turn to the staff of their faculty's study department, who will either help them directly or recommend the most competent person to get in touch with.