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Seven reasons to study at Masaryk University

Variety of study fields, their interconnectivity, on-line study administration or eventful student life. That is MU.

Studying at MU is great – most of the graduates will confirm that. Large variety of study fields, their interconnectivity, on-line study administration or eventful student life – plus the brilliant atmosphere of Brno. Once you have a taste of it, you'll keep coming back. If your are still in two minds though, following are sound reasons for choosing Masaryk University and Brno.

1. Studies without superfluous administration
Our on-line information system – or IS – is one of the biggest MU's prides. It facilitates the entire administration process not only for the study departments' staff but particularly for students: enrolment, scholarship applications, courses registration and many other procedures can be done on-line, from your home computer. The IS is therefore very popular among students and serves as an inspiration to many other – not only Czech – universities.

2. Interconnection of teaching and first-rate research
Within recent decades and with the contribution of MU, Brno has become a true centre of intelligence, research and innovation. Students of medicine make use of a modernly equipped faculty hospital located in the immediate vicinity of the university campus. The campus is also a home of the CEITEC research institute providing background to the top Central European researchers working in the fields of molecular medicine, neurology or structural biology.

3. The top minds of IT sector
New talents and professionals in IT are looked after by the Faculty of Informatics ranking among the best IT faculties in Central Europe. The faculty establishes partnerships with significant companies working in the sector, many of which are based directly in Brno. It is not without a reason that Brno is more and more often called a little Central European Silicon Valley. Companies with offices in Brno include IBM, Red Hat, Honeywell, AT&T, NetSuite and others; thanks to them our students have a unique opportunity to get a professional experience already during the course of their studies.

4. A university that is changing and growing
Masaryk University faculties are situated in buildings that literally glow with history. The vast majority of them are located in the city centre and have recently been reconstructed. Faculties are equipped with libraries containing plenty of specialised literature and offering electronic sources comprising significant databases of various fields.

5. Directly in the heart of Europe
Its location in the very centre of the Old Continent is a great benefit of Brno – and of Masaryk University. Those who love travelling will appreciate the short distance to Prague, but also to Vienna, Budapest or other European metropolis.

6. City open to foreigners...
The number of international students is growing steadily and many of them become so accustomed to Brno that they decide to stay even after completing their studies. The city is open to foreigners; you will find it easy to make yourself understood without difficulties, particularly among young people. Incomers from various countries organise their own regular gatherings; a helping hand is also offered by the Brno Expat Centre.

7. ...and living a student life
Students are the soul of the city! You will notice while waiting for a tram or walking up the streets: it is easy to come under the impression that it is only young people who live in Brno. Students are an inherent part of Brno, bringing along a number of festivals, cultural events, city parades or marches, and many other happenings. If you feel like becoming actively involved in the Brno student life, try approaching one of the many university clubs. During your first days or weeks, you might appreciate the help of the International Student Club which takes care of incoming international students.