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MUNI Day sets whole university in motion

Sports, fun and knowledge – this was the motto of the now traditional MUNI Day event organised for students and employees of Masaryk University.

MUNI Day and the players of the floorball match - the team of the Rector's Office and the team of faculties.

Just like last year, the Bohunice University Campus in mid-May belonged to sports and entertainment. As the campus itself keeps growing, this year’s Campus Day took on a new dimension: it welcomed not only representatives of the faculties based on the campus, but – for the first time – all Masaryk University faculties, and changed its name to MUNI Day.

The first part of the event was dedicated to individual and team sports. A volleyball tournament was held in the hall of the Faculty of Sports Studies and was won by a team from the Faculty of Medicine named Pedikruh and Kamarádi. The participants of the event also played badminton, with the best in the advanced category being Radim Jaroušek and Petra Daďová from the Faculty of Science; David Košatka and Silvie Otáhalová from the MU Career Centre succeeded in the beginner category.

MUNI Day and a volleyball tournament.
MUNI Day and workshop that showed different activities from making contact to fighting on the ground.
MUNI Day and total body work.

Professional lecturers from the Faculty of Sports Studies prepared a series of group exercises that promised to strengthen the body and encourage the spirit. People could try yogalates, yin-yang yoga, fitness exercises, total body work, salsa or fitness and power yoga. A workshop led by professional instructor Jitka Čihounková guided the registered participants through the activities from making contact to fighting on the ground. “We tried out various exercises together, from movement training to safe falling and self-defence applications, all in a very relaxed atmosphere and in a playful way,” said the lecturer after the event. In addition to the gyms, there were several sports stations in the outdoor area of the campus, including pétanque, ping pong and chess.


The sports part of the event culminated in a floorball match between a joint team of the faculties and the Rector’s Office team. “It’s going to be exciting today, but I am certain that the blue and white will win,” promised MU Rector Martin Bareš before the match, jokingly referring to the blue and white jerseys of the Rector’s Office and the white and blue of the faculties. Both teams had been training for the derby for weeks in advance and it was evident in their commitment from the first minutes. The faculties’ team finally managed to tie the game at 4:4 in the third period and then win in the shootouts, thus avenging its last year’s defeat by the Rector’s Office team.

MUNI Day and a floorball match.

Since the motto of MUNI Day also included knowledge, colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Sports Studies and Faculty of Science prepared thematic tours of the MU Faculty of Medicine Simulation Centre (SIMU), the physiotherapy laboratory, where it was also possible to have one’s musculoskeletal system checked, and the Institute of Experimental Biology, specifically the Department of Microbiology and the Department of Animal Physiology and Immunology.


In the afternoon, the campus offered free entertainment, music and refreshments. MUNI Day was declared a day off by the Rector, and all employees and students were invited, not just the sports-oriented ones. “After all, the point of the event was also to get to know each other, connect and relax at the end of the semester,” said event coordinator Václav Tesař.

MUNI Day 2023.