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MUNI DAY: University day full of sports and fun

Masaryk University celebrated its 105th anniversary with two sports and social events that took place on the university campus in Bohunice in mid-May.

Floorball match between CAMPUS and CITY

On the afternoon of Wednesday 15 May, 164 adults and 40 children took part in the first edition of the university MUNI RUN. The runners had many reasons to join – to clear their heads, to run around the Faculty of Sports Studies, the Faculty of Science, CEITEC, to cross the pedestrian bridge over Kamenice Street and circle the pavilions of the Faculty of Medicine, to help connect the university community with its friends across generations and to move forward just as Masaryk University is moving up in international rankings.

“The first edition of the MUNI RUN was a clear success. It was excellently organised and full of emotion and good humour. Everyone had a good time, children and adults alike. I am already looking forward to next year,” said Vice-Rector Petr Suchý, who also took part in the 4,800-metre run across the campus.

MUNI DAY was complemented by tours of the sites

MUNI DAY at campus.

For the first time, all ten faculties of Masaryk University participated in MUNI DAY, which took place the day after MUNI RUN. It was a meeting of staff and students on campus and a day full of sports, supporting cultural and educational programmes, including a presentation of student clubs, an afternoon of socialising and entertainment.

The morning sports activities were open after registration, and all the sports venues and other programmes prepared by the faculties, which included tours of SIMU, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Sports Studies laboratories, the Anatomical Museum and the Kejbala Botanical Garden, were filled to capacity. Afterwards, MUNI DAY participants and their friends and family were able to cheer on the faculty teams in the afternoon floorball game, and then everyone moved together to the awards ceremony and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of refreshments and cultural performances.

Floorball match

The icing on the cake was the floorball match between a team of five City faculties and the Rector’s Office against a team of five faculties made up of Campus faculties. In the end, the Campus team came out on top, beating the City 3-2. “We've been working hard all year to make sure we win,” said Martin Repko, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and captain of the Campus team, before the match.

“Regardless of the outcome of the match, Masaryk University as a whole will lead 3-0,” Rector Martin Bareš told the players and spectators.

Kulturní program MUNI DAY – Zpěvuchtivé dámy.

All participants of the MUNI RUN and MUNI DAY agree that events bringing together people from different parts of Masaryk University are important. “My friends and I are all happy that the management of the faculties and the university organise and support these events,” said student Anna Havelková.