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Structural survey in summer to determine Scala’s future

The city of Brno and Masaryk University join forces to find a new home for the cinema. Mayor Markéta Vaňková and Rector Martin Bareš are aware of the importance of the Scala cinema on Brno’s cultural, academic and community map.

The Scala University Cinema is located on Moravské náměstí.

Both institutions are looking intensively at the possibility of extending the use of the building in which the cinema operates, while at the same time looking for alternative premises.

“If approved by the Brno City Council, a structural assessment of the entire building on Jakubské and Moravské náměstí, where the Bolek Polívka Theatre and the Scala cinema are located, will most likely be carried out in two phases. The first is scheduled for this summer holidays. If the structural engineer gives a positive assessment, both cultural venues could stay there from autumn until the end of 2023. This would give us more time to find and possibly adapt alternative premises for the Scala cinema. The situation is complicated by the fact that an adequate venue with the same facilities and capacity is simply not available in Brno. It would certainly be a considerable downgrade,” said Mayor Markéta Vaňková, noting that the second phase of the survey would then take place in January and February 2024.

The future of Scala and other possible options for dealing with the problematic situation have been discussed by representatives of Brno and Masaryk University at all levels practically from the very beginning. Both parties are now intensively looking for an appropriate way to deal with the current complicated situation.

Interior of the cinema

“It is really gratifying to see how many people are interested in Scala’s fate. I can assure the public and the academic community that we are engaging in continuous and intensive talks about possible solutions. I personally met with the Mayor a few days ago to discuss this matter, and I welcome the possibility that the Scala University Cinema could open in the autumn, following a structural assessment of the entire building over the summer holidays. I also appreciate the city’s efforts to look for a solution in the form of alternative premises,” said Martin Bareš, Rector of Masaryk University. At the same time, he is aware that a quick and easy solution to the problem cannot be expected, as the future of Scala will depend not only on the conclusions of a detailed technical survey of the building, which will clarify future options, but also on other considerations, such as the expected financial costs or the alternative premises offered by the city authorities. The University itself does not have a suitable building to house the cinema.