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Masaryk University Libraries join MUNI DAY

An interesting programme for MUNI DAY was jointly prepared by MU libraries. Under the umbrella brand of MUNI LIB, they will offer educational and entertainment activities on the Bohunice University Campus.

is an excellent opportunity for a joint presentation of Masaryk University libraries, which, in addition to traditional book loans, offer spaces for education, support publishing and Open Science, and through various workshops provide an environment where people can experience working with modern equipment.

“With the introduction of the MUNI LIB visual brand, we also agreed on a common claim, which is: Come for information, stay for inspiration. I firmly believe that this slogan will apply not only directly to Masaryk University libraries but also to our stand at MUNI DAY,” said Jiří Poláček, Head of the Scientific Information Centre of the Faculty of Economics and Administration.

What can you experience with MUNI LIB at this year’s university-wide event? There is the Bookface Challenge, where people pose with book covers in a special photo corner. See for yourself how 3D printing works and what it can produce. A demonstration of 3D printing technology might also inspire you to visit one of the Makerspaces, which are offered regularly throughout the semester. Virtual reality goggles are also available to try out.

Did you know that you can also borrow board games from the library? They offer a wide range of over 200 games that not only provide relaxation but also develop creativity, logical thinking and social skills. At the MUNI LIB stand you can also find out the conditions and names of the games you can borrow. The University Libraries will also be presenting a photo exhibition showing many of their activities, including A Night with Andersen, organised for staff children. For more competitive visitors, MUNI DAY will include sports activities with books, such as running and weightlifting, and a quiz about books and libraries. MUNI DAY is also a great opportunity to meet new people, and MUNI LIB will contribute to this goal with its “speed dating with a book” activity, where not only book lovers can find mutual sympathy between the lines of their favourite novels. There will also be book recommendations from famous personalities. Many visitors may find the reading tips helpful and take them to one of the faculty’s libraries to discover more of what it has to offer.

In the connecting corridor of the Faculty of Medicine, where MUNI LIB will have its stand, there will certainly be other surprises waiting for you from 9 am to 1.30 pm.