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This year’s MUNI DAY promises sport, fun and learning

The second edition of MUNI DAY will be a sporting and social event for the entire academic community. The Rector has declared the 16th of May as a University holiday for students. Employees may attend with the approval of their supervisor.

The rich programme on the Bohunice Campus is intended for all students and staff. It is an exceptional opportunity to meet and invite those whose faculties or departments are located in the city centre to the Bohunice Campus. For reasons of capacity and security, those wishing to participate must register in advance for the sports and cultural programme.

Physical activity enthusiasts can take part in individual and group exercises. In the gym of the Faculty of Sports Studies, there will be classes in Jogalates, Street Dance, Latino Dance, but also contemporary fitness trends in the form of intensive Total Body Work and ring exercise for beginners. Another of the faculty’s gyms will invite you to stretch your whole body. The Fit Office Yoga class will focus on strengthening the back, while Lunch Yoga will help to relieve the effects of prolonged sitting.

As for group sports, there will be competitions in volleyball, badminton and floorball. Those interested in volleyball must form a mixed team of six with at least two women, and the leader must register the team for the tournament. The badminton doubles tournament will have two categories: beginner and advanced. The level will be determined by the competitors themselves. Up to 24 two-person teams can participate (after registration). The icing on the cake will be a floorball derby at 2 p.m. in the Ball Sports Hall, pitting the Campus team against the Rector’s Office and faculties from the city centre. In this way, the campus faculties (the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Sports Studies), the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Economics and Administration will measure their strength and skill against the Rector’s Office and the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Social Studies, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Informatics and the Faculty of Law. With the apt title – CAMPUS vs. CITY – and the claim “The Force Awakens”, the stakes will be high this year. It is a prestigious derby at the start of the new academic year that resonates with the participants, as evidenced by the tactical discussions in both teams’ training sessions, which are already in full swing.

The doors of the Anatomical Museum and the laboratories of the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Medicine will open for participants eager for knowledge. Also among the possibilities is an excursion to the SIMU (Simulation Centre of the Faculty of Medicine), the most modern simulation centre in Central Europe with equipment similar to that of a real hospital. Visits to the laboratories, museum and SIMU must also be booked in advance.

In addition to sports and excursions, MUNI DAY has an important cultural and social dimension. Entertainment activities will be spread throughout the campus, both inside and outside the buildings. There will be a food zone, presentations from various departments of the University (such as the Teiresias Centre and the University of the Third Age) and student associations, and the Faculty of Arts promises a Samuni Ancient Sports Day, introducing the sports of ancient Greece. There will also be ancient board games and English theatre performed by The Gypsywood Players. Other programmes to look forward to include second-hand shop or a presentation of the Masaryk University Libraries.

The MUNI DAY programme starts in the morning and promises lots of fun for the whole day. Do not forget to register, whether you plan to play sports or just enjoy the atmosphere as a spectator. Registration will open on Thursday 11 April at 3 p.m.

On the “eve” of MUNI DAY – on Wednesday 15 May at 3 p.m. – MUNI RUN, a sporting event for the general public, will take place on the Campus. Proceeds will be donated to MUNI HELPS for charitable purposes.