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MUNI DAY: eye-opening research, workshops and Singing Ladies

The gathering of Masaryk University students and employees at MUNI DAY will start on 16 May. Register for the event or one of the remaining supporting programme activities and join hundreds of others for a day full of sport, learning and fun!

At 5 pm, there will be a cabaret concert by The Singing Ladies (Zpěvuchtivé dámy).

Interested in what plasma technologies can do? Would you like to freshen up your spring wardrobe with a nice T-shirt, jeans or handbag? Do you need some advice at a time when you’re feeling overwhelmed before the exam period? All this is possible on the university-wide MUNI DAY at the Bohunice Campus, where a rich programme is being prepared for Thursday 16 May.

If you are looking for seasonal pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories, especially for women, you can visit the MUNI BAZAR in the corridor of the Faculty of Medicine on the 2nd floor. From 9am you can pick out a T-shirt, dress, blouse, jeans, leggings, sneakers or even a handbag. There will also be some children’s items available. You can pay by cash or QR code.

A unique opportunity to experience physics research in a different light will be offered by the CEPLANT Research Centre programme in room B11/236. The university centre, which has long been dedicated to applied research, has prepared a looped projection of 3D images of, for example, nettle trichomes, pollen grains from poisonous spring flowers and “bugs” visible only with an electron microscope.

In the main corridor of the university campus, CEPLANT will show what a plasma (a physical state of matter) looks like in practice and what can be done with it. “We will also use MUNI DAY to open an exhibition about our research in nanotechnology and plasma physics, which was previously on display in the Dean’s Office in the Faculty of Science building on Kotlářská Street. Come and see that plasma is not only found in the sun, lightning or northern lights and that applications of plasma technology are all around us. We will demonstrate the treatment of glass, paper and seeds. Plasma can do much more than you think,” says Tereza Schmidtová from the CEPLANT Centre.

It’s too much for me, I’m feeling overwhelmed – if you've been feeling like that lately, the MU Career Centre’s 10 am workshop is for you. Not only students with upcoming exams can learn stress management techniques. “We will discuss what stress is for and what role it plays in our lives. We will show how stress manifests itself in general and in each individual in emotions, thoughts and physically. We will also spend part of the workshop learning how to manage stress and build resilience,” explains Matěj Sapík from the Career Centre. Due to capacity reasons, registration is required to participate in the workshop.

There are still places available for tours of the Anatomical Museum, which is located on the campus of the Faculty of Medicine and offers more than six hundred exhibits. You can also still register for a tour of the Faculty of Science's laboratories, where you can see future researchers working with equipment such as microscopes, thermostats and aquariums. In the Department of Experimental Biology, you can see the tools used to study insect immunity and the animal models used to study physiology and developmental biology. The more adventurous visitors can have their picture taken with phasmids and cockroaches.

After the end of the MUNI DAY sports programme, the winners of the prestigious CAMPUS vs. CITY floorball match and the volleyball and badminton tournaments will be announced at 4 pm. This will be followed by free entertainment until the evening, where you can play some fun games such as beer pong. This student sport is presented by the Friends of the Faculty of Education in two versions. You can challenge your friends to a two-on-two or one-on-one game, or take part in an individual competition for the man or woman with the best aim.

If you want to dance to the rhythm of Czech and international hits, from the swing of the 1930s through the golden 1960s to contemporary pop, you should not miss the area between Halls C05 and C12 on the campus. At 5 pm, there will be a cabaret concert by The Singing Ladies (Zpěvuchtivé dámy). “Don’t expect a revival, but an original performance with a great variety of colours and vocals. We are simply a playful band; we perform in wide skirts with petticoats and we put our own spin on well-known hits by bands such as Metallica, Rolling Stones and Beatles, musical evergreens from the musicals Grease, Rebels and Big Beat, as well as iconic performers such as Voskovec & Werich, Marta Kubišová and Norah Jones. You can look forward to the songs Pátá, Bossa Nova, Tenhle kluk, Nothing Else Matters and Pretty Woman,” said Blanka Křížová, director of the Mendel Museum and one of the performers of the eight-member band. “Our members include a cardiologist, an aeronautical engineer, a banker, a high school teacher, the deputy director of the opera, a service coordinator, a nurse and a museum director, representatives of eight different professions united by a common passion – music,” she added.

A Rector’s holiday has been declared for MUNI DAY. Students and academics can use the time off from classes to attend the event. All other staff members are also welcome to attend and can make arrangements with their department heads. Registration is required not only for the sports activities and tours but also for the supporting programme on campus.